I've enjoyed teaching private music lessons, both piano/keyboard performing and composing, for many years. Most of my students are interested in a combination of traditional lessons (including learning to read and play traditional piano music) and a mix of contemporary styles including jazz and pop. Some of my students focus exclusively on jazz and/or pop. When possible, I allow students to guide their lessons through the kind of music that they are most interested in playing, while trying to still incorporate songs that build important skills. In addition to being able to read traditional piano music, most of my students also learn to read lead sheets, play by ear, and those who are interested dive into composing and ensemble playing.


Having been a full-time freelance musician for years, both on the road as a keyboard players and in the composing studio as a film scorer/songwriter, I offer my students a far greater depth of experience and versatility than most music teachers. I have ten years of experience teaching, a Bachelors Degree in Commercial Music Studies from Brigham Young University, and I also spent a year at Berklee College of Music.


My wife and I have recently relocated to San Diego County, California and I am now accepting new students. For those who are interested in the convenience of virtual lessons, I am also beginning to offer this to my students. I also speak Spanish. For inquiries on available slots, email me at jkamalu@gmail.com.