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It’s the Golden Age of Flight in 1929 and the world’s most daring aviatrixes are taking off in the first ever National Women’s Air Derby, a dangerous nine-day cross-country air race from Santa Monica, California to Cleveland, Ohio. Louise Thaden, a hot-shot pilot and world record holder, is determined to take home the golden cup. She’s up against rival Marvel Crosson, an up-and-coming Alaskan pilot with talent to match and the fastest ship in the derby. Also competing is a colorful roster of eighteen other pilots, including the cigar-smoking Pancho Barnes, beauty queen Ruth Elder, and transatlantic flyer Amelia Earhart. As they fly across the country, the pilots are met by protestors, sabotage, and a constantly changing course intentionally set up to prove women can’t fly. Louise’s determination to beat Marvel and secure her position at the top drives her to convince the pilots to accept the elevated risk and continue the race. Finally met with a shocking tragedy, Louise is forced to confront her new responsibility as a leader. Laying aside personal ambition, Louise and her fellow pilots learn to rely on each other to make it across the finish line together, for this race will show the world that women deserve a place in the skies forever.  AirBorn features a female-driven cast, contemporary score, flight on a theatrical stage, and centers on the themes of female camaraderie and resilience overcoming adversity and divisiveness.

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